course of action

Course of Action by James Lerner

course of action by James Lerner

Cover woodblock print © Lynd Ward, courtesy of Robin Ward Savage and Manda Weedon Ward

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More than six decades before Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, people were being organized by the thousands in the United States to protest war and fascism, and to form labor unions. James Lerner was one of the stalwart individuals who helped make this happen. They wrote, telephoned and traveled for weeks on end, often at great personal sacrifice. They formed local and national groups and brought people together for antiwar actions, and to demand their rights as workers through industrial unions.

Course of Action tells that remarkable story from the perspective of someone who was there at the heart of things, never losing sight of his own personal commitment to social justice. For those who seek a first hand experience of what this historic period was like, this account will be a treasure.

“This is an often poignant saga of a rank and file leftwinger, leader by the demands of the time.”
— Paul Buhle

“A warm, informative narrative of an important period in American labor and social history. A solid original source.” — Frank Emspak

“I am grateful for the chance to have read this valuable document. Intellectually and personally it was a great joy.” — Peter Gilmore

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