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Author Photo: Jim Lerner with badge at Second World Youth Conference at Vassar College, August 1938.

This photograph has been placed in the Public Domain by its lawful owner, Richard N. Lerner.

Course of Action: A Journalist’s Account from Inside
the American League Against War and Fascism
and the United Electrical Workers Union (UE) 1933–1978

Authored by James Lerner,
Edited by Richard Neil Lerner and Anna Marie Taylor

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James Lerner (1911-2003) was a reporter, columnist and editor for U.S. peace and labor publications. His home was Brooklyn, New York.

Editor’s Note: James Lerner, my father and author of this book, died in 2003, before seeing his unpublished manuscript in print. The narrative grew out of a number of sources, including his letters, journals, and transcribed interviews I recorded with him. We discussed the drafts of the manuscript over several years and I promised to one day bring the book to light. My father left the Book's introduction.
— Richard N. Lerner

6" x 9" US Trade paper paperback, 246 pages

ISBN: 9780978651794

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