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COURSE OF ACTION: A Journalist’s Account from Inside the American League Against War and Fascism and the United Electrical Workers Union (UE) 1933–1978

War, Fascism, and General Electric
In These Times, April 1, 2013, review article by Moshe Marvit

Book Review
Socialism and Democracy Online, Volume  27, Issue I, 2013, review article by Paul Buhle

50th Anniversary of "The Feminine Mystique": Friedan's Rediscovered Writings on Industrial Working Women
Truth Out, July 21, 2013, review article by Peter Handel

The UE Fights for Women Workers Pamphlet written by Betty Goldstein (Friedan) in 1952.
Provided courtesy of the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers Union of America (UE).
CLICK HERE to read the pamplet online, or to download
by right clicking and saving to your computer.

Another One the Main Stream Media Missed GE Krupp Conspiracy Trial of 47
Truth Out, April 27, 2013, review article by Peter Handel (Includes an Q & A with Anna Marie Taylor.)

Click here to listen to the online Peter B. Collins interview with Anna Marie Taylor.

Click here to listen to the KPFA radio interview with Anna Marie Taylor and Peter Olney.

Dramatic story about tungsten carbide: GE-Krupp conspiracy
Hamiltonpdx.com, April 28, 2013, article by Nanci Hamilton



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